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eRoad People+

Composable HCM SaaS

eRoad People+ enterprise HCM SaaS combines payroll, HR, benefits, talent and workforce management in a composable cloud application to power the future of work.

About Us

People+ One-stop human resource management platform

provides human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management, performance management, and talent management capabilities in a single solution. Our platform helps you manage the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding, to paying people and developing their careers.

  • Core human resources

  • Payroll management

  • Performance management

  • Talent development

  • Commission incentives

  • Workforce management


eRoad Features

  • Omni-Digitization HR SaaS

    Payroll as the core, but more than payroll

    Cover talent life circle including development,review,incentive,etc

    Constantly iterate and upgrade base on industry best practice

  • Innovative HR digital platform VS traditional eHR

    Break down organizational boundaries and build shared information

    Align and integrate with business, drive talent development and business growth

    Integreted Data Insight, drive more efficient strategy decison and execution

    User friendly with aesthetic user interface

  • The best choice of payroll solution

    Labor cost control, minimize compliance risk of payroll and compensation

    Enhance labor cost and labor efficiency insight

    Ensure the implemention of the 3P and 1M payroll management system

  • Innovative technology and team

    Multi-cloud mode, including Ali Could, Tencent Cloud, Huawei Cloud,CEC Cloud

    Core team with globalization vision, key members are from SAP,Kronos,ADP,IBM,Deloitte,Oracle,CIIC,etc who have the practice of the large and complex HR digital solution delivery

  • Peer with industry leading enterprises

    More than 3 million users in over 100,000 legal entities and branches are using eRoad

    Innovate digital business scenarioses with industry leading enterprises

    Solution practice and delivery SOP base on international top standard

  • Security and Compliance

    Compliant with national network information security, authoritative data security certification

    Rapid iteration to adap policy adjustment

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Why Choose eRoad?

Peer with industry leading enterprises

500+ Client, 4 M+ users

Innovate digital business scenarioses with industry leading enterprises

Solution practice and delivery SOP base on international top standard

Experienced Team

Core team with globalization vision, key members are from SAP, Oracle, IBM, Kronos, ADP, Deloitte, CIIC, etc.

Well-know global HR practice

Fully understand our own platform and with strong support from R&D Team

Rich experience on the large and complex HR digital solution delivery, especially in MNC

Innovative HR Digital platform

With completely independent intellectual property rights

Platform is fully controlled by eRoad

New technologies used. Function keep upgraded

Easy to use and Easy to maintain

Omni-Digitalization HR Platform

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Trusted by 4 million Business Users Worldwide


Realized systematic employee data management through eRoad P+, effectively improving efficiency of employee changes, on-boarding and resignation, and improving accuracy of employee data synchronization;Completed complex payroll configuration for LVMH and realized the automatic payroll calculation, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Module :Core HR / Time Mgt. / Payroll


eRoad assisted Armani in building a human resource management platform, enabling HR business by digitalization, providing convenient human resource services for customers through mobiles terminals, and providing one-stop online and offline services, so as to improve the business empowerment of human resources.

Module :Core HR / Time Mgt. / BI / Commission


eRoad according to the company's plan for the future development of the company, and in combination with the plans and functions provided by People+, the company has developed a process suitable for the actual needs of the company, and fully considered the process that can meet the future management and development needs of the company.

Module :Core-HR/Payroll/API


People+ helped ISS improve its salary management , solve its payroll challenges , and provided employees with timely access to salary information. ISS also adopted eRoad individual tax solution to solve tax challenges , which can directly connect with the tax bureau, realize one-click declaration for multi-legal entities of the group.

Module :Core HR / On-Boarding Mgt. / APP/ Payroll Mgt. / BI / API


eRoad solution can realize quick on-boarding and termination operations, self-service completion of employee information, and record hours immediately.

Module :Recruitment Mgt./Core HR/Time Mgt./Payroll Mgt. /Employee Self-service /API


On the basis of the basic services of the traditional bank payroll, supporting the human resources system, payroll, tax and other value-added services of personal tax management, realize the full online and digital integrated payroll financial services, and empower enterprises.

Module :Payroll Mgt./Income Tax Mgt.


eRoad is one of the few system modules that can meet the special compensation system of Tyson China, providing a convenient, simple and fast platform for the HR team of Tyson China, and maximizing the efficiency of human resources management.

Module :Payroll Mgt./Commission Mgt./Time Mgt.

Yusen Logistics China

We have very high requirements for the personalization of the whole system, and hope to be highly consistent with our needs, architecture, and strategy. In the process of contacting suppliers, we found that Elway can not only achieve a high degree of customization, but also have a very strong ability to both personalized and project promotion.

Module :Performance Mgt.

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